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About Us

Heart2Song is centered around the incredible songwriting talents of Tom Gleason. Tom has been involved in the music business for more than twenty years and has worked and performed with many notable stars. 


Tom has written many jingles for TV as well as songs and music tracks for movies and some of the worlds biggest corporations. In addition, his love of writing children's songs lead him to a project for PBS Kids.


His greatest passion however has always been writing personal songs for people and he has a great talent for capturing the emotions of the situation. His range of styles and prolific writing abilities allow him and his team to keep up with the busy and time consuming demands of varietal songwriting, recording and producing.



"Tom at Heart2Song was able to perfectly capture, in both his words and music, our love for each other and why we were together. It made our wedding so much more personal. Thank You.


Michelle - New York

“Heart2Song knows what they’re doing. They are completely professional and deliver as promised. I got an unbelievable song”


 Terri L. - Ohio​

“ I wrote a poem about my feelings for my fiancé and submitted it to Heart2Song to make into a song. I received back one of the most touching songs I have ever heard. We used it as our first dance and everyone loved it and was blown away by the fact that it was my song.”


Yvette - Florida


Proudly featured in:

"Heart2Song really delivers! I sent a half completed song idea in and what I got back was something I could definitely hear on the radio. I was amazed and so was my girlfriend. Well worth the price."


Rick - Texas

"Fallen Angel"

I am simply amazed that Tom took my lyrics and wrote beautiful, heartfelt music to it. The song is based on someone close to me who suffered from addiction, and is now in recovery. I spoke with him about the situation, sent him my lyrics, and within a few days he sent me this beautiful song, which is not only meant for addiction, but for anyone who has fallen from

grace. I would recommend Tom and Heart2Song to anyone who has a thought or message in their heart that they went put to music. He's a brilliant and talented musician who knew exactly what I was hoping "Fallen Angel" would be.


Anne Dennish

Author of "Waking Up: Lessons Learned Through My Adventures With Life and Breast Cancer"


"Waking Up"

I was looking for someone to write a theme song for my new book, "Waking Up." I wrote some lyrics but didn't know where to turn, yet was lucky enough to be introduced to Tom at Heart2Song. I sent him the lyrics, and was blown away with emotion when he sent me the finished song. He took my words and wrote the perfect music for them. He's more than just a musician and singer; he sings and writes music from his heart and soul, and I can definitely feel that through the two songs he's written for me. Thank you, Herat2Song! 


Anne Dennish

Author of "Waking Up: Lessons Learned Through My Adventures With Life and Breast Cancer"



"Heart2Song wrote the most beautiful, touching tribute to my Dad who had recently passed away. All of us in my family listen to it often as it provides so much comfort. Heartfelt thanks.


Thomas -Nashville

" After a romantic dinner I took my fiancé for a drive and casually turned the CD player on and what she heard blew her away! A very personal song about our relationship and at the end she heard her own name and a marriage proposal...seriously, right in the song. It was amazing and a great memory."


Jeff - San Diego


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