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Welcome to HEART2SONG where we are waiting to turn your heartfelt sentiments into the perfect, memorable gift. We will write a custom song, (music and lyrics) that best suits your needs. We’re happy to incorporate any of your ideas and requests, or we can even put your words to music.  Then in our state-of-the art studio, with professional musicians, we arrange and record your song.


We produce radio-ready songs that are of the highest sound quality and we always strive to capture the perfect emotions for your occasion. Our catchy and contemporary songs always hit the mark!


You can expect a fully produced, mixed and mastered finished MP3 version of your ONE-OF-A-KIND song emailed to you in about two weeks.  Ready to play and ready to create a lasting memory!   Your CD copy will arrive soon after in the mail.



Our songs have been featured at many weddings and always have the desired emotional impact.

Newborn Babies

We'll write and record a touching tribute to your new child that will be a lasting momento of a very special event.


$325.00 Includes:


1 Custom Song written and recorded.


1 MP3 File and

1 CD copy.


Each additonal CD copy is $9.99

Ask About Our Summer Specials!


We can write a song to perfectly capture your feelings for someone special. We have succesfully done it many, many times. Whether it's for love or some other unique situation, we'll get it done right!

Marriage Proposals

GUYS! Imagine getting her in the perfect setting and playing a beautiful, customized love song that expresses all the things you love about her that finally ends with a line that says her name and will you marry me.

These are just a few of the occasions we write for. It's really up to you. The sky is the limit!


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